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Professional Memberships   Royal Society of Sculptors

A founder member of Armstrong Studio Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne, established in 1985 to provide affordable workspace and opportunities, training and mentoring for fine artists.

Studio. (1985 – present)


  • Contemporary and classical drawing

  • Sculpture - mainly cast aggregates, bronze, steel, stainless steel construction and ceramics.

  • Glass - sculptural kiln cast glass, hot glass, integrated glass and drawing practice .

  • Environmental and low carbon artworks.

  • Print & text works

  • Commissioned works

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2020        Arts Council England

2013        Urban Glass, Brooklyn, New York.

2013        Leverhulme Trust Award. Artist Residency

2010        Post graduate Bursary, University of Sunderland.

2007 - 10 Arts and Humanities Research Council. Doctoral award.

2007        Northern Cultural Skills Partnership. Practice based training award.

2005        The Prince’s Drawing School, London. Drawing Symposium.

2005        Northern Cultural Skills Partnership. Practice based training award.

2001        Armstrong Studio Trust. Arts Council North East Commission  

1997        The Royal Society of  British Sculptors. Membership bursary.

1995        Frederick Bushe OBE Sculpture Trust Bursary.

1991        Arts Council. Travel Bursary. U.S.A. Atlanta, Appalachians,

                 Washington DC.Contemporary art practice, Public sculpture.

1988        Arts Council Travel Bursary. Cologne, Dusseldorf, East & West Berlin

1987        Studio award. Northern Arts. (Arts Council England)

Open Border. Kiln cast glass. 2016 - 2019

Border Drawing.jpg

Border Drawing An early work from 1985   Iron wire, paint, chalk, blackboard paint. Degree Exhibition Newcastle Polytechnic.

Technical training includes


2011        Digital fabrication, CultureLab, University of Newcastle 3D print & Laser cutting, OpenAccess.

2009        Introductory course in waterjet cutting for glass, Department of Glass and Ceramics,

                 University of Sunderland. (RHINO)

2008        Stone Lithography. Edinburgh Printmakers.

2006        Kiln cast glass. LIFT course. University of Sunderland.

2004        Hot Glass. LIFT Course. University of Sunderland.

2004        Pȃte de Verre. LIFT Course. University of Sunderland.  

2003 - 04 Bronze casting (ceramic shell) University of Sunderland

1987        Chainsaw course, Parks and Leisure Services, Newcastle City Council.

1989 - 90 City & Guilds Fabrication & Welding (CGLI 229) Newcastle College of Art & Technology

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