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St John's Bethnel Green, London  

November 2019 


The Ruskin, Lancaster

January 2020


The Borders Art Fair, Kelso

March 2020

Exhibitions 2010 - March 2020   (Selected)

  • 2021 10 Gram Challenge. Royal Society of Scuiptors. London. RSS & Milwyn Casting. Bronze.

  • 2020 Drawing Talking To The Sciences. Ruskin Museum of the Near Future. Curated Sarah Casey and Gerry Davies

  • 2019 The Fragile Ocean. Group Exhibition, Sail Britain. St Johns at Bethnal Green & Lumen Gallery.

  • 2017 Royal Scottish Academy Open Exhibition . Edinburgh. Cast glass

  • 2017 Coals from Newcastle. Proposal, Great Exhibition of the North. Collaboration with the Mining Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne. Biochar 

  • 2015 Observations Not Taken Today. Vane Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne. Biosemiotic drawings.

  • 2014 DUNE. Recovered Memory. Collaborative exhibition project with Ken Grant. Sculpture and related works, perceptual memory.      

  • 2013 What is Drawing?  The Customs House, South Shields. Curated by Esen Kaya & Dr. Mike Collier. 2013

  •  08/09/13 Armstrong’s Admirable Speech 1863. Banner Artwork. British Science Festival, Newcastle upon Tyne 08/09/13. Dissolution of the Sea Butterfly. (Ocean acidification) Collaboration with Armstrong Studio Trust, The British Antarctic Survey, Henrietta Heald, biographer of William (Lord) Armstrong.

  • 2012 Orange Band  and other works. The Narrative of the Dusky Seaside Sparrow. Works in drawing and cast glass.  University of Sunderland. 2012

  • Dec 2010 - Jan 2011Jennie Speirs Grant, Margareth Troli and Kathryn Wightman. National Glass Centre. Sunderland. Works in drawing and cast glass. Curated by Grainne Sweeney.

  •  2010 Sterna Paradesaea – Oblique Ornithologies. Armstrong Studio Trust, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Jennie Speirs Grant, Mike Collier, Ken Grant, William Colwell. (Catalogue available). Glass, Drawing, Sound/installation, Film. Curated by Jennie Speirs Grant.

  • 2010 A Journey in Glass and Ceramics. Bede’s World Museum, Jarrow. Post graduate Glass and Ceramics. Group show.  Curated by Dr. Sylva Petrova.

  • 2009 Record. Drawing, Cast glass, Installation and Film. Joint exhibition, Bill Colwell, filmmaker. Open Wall Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

ext (15).jpg

Observations Not Taken Today. Vane Gallery 2015

The National Glass Centre UK 2013

Virtual & Online Exhibitions and Events March 2020 onwards

  • 2020 Hulabhaig Open 2020. Re Imagined Online  Uig. Online exhibition

  • 19/08/20 Sail Britain Sea Stories - 2: Sound and Water Tracing Sounds: Spatiotemporal Currents & Small Isle Archives Fiona J Mackenzie, Canna House, Conor Walker, Jennie Speirs Grant, Laura Copsey. Live event, Zoom. 


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