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Newburn Monunent.tif

Portable sculpture

"Carter Bar Object"

Carved and abraded stone

Public sculpture

The Newburn Non Monument .

An early (1986) site specific sculpture commissioned by Newcastle City Council, Department of Recreation and Leisure for the new Country park at Newburn, River Tyne.  Cast white Ballidon limestone. Verso - a White Horse.... 

Commissions, Collaborations, Collections, Clients and Conservation Projects  examples include

  • Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. University of Edinburgh. Permanent and temporary artworks.

  • School of Music, Newcastle University. Project proposal, short residency as part of the North East Year of Drawing 2015. Collaboration with Ken Grant and Dr Paul Attinello

  • FMA Website Design Offices, Edinburgh  Dark Cloud, Silver Lining. Beaten lead.

  • ​Ian Hamilton Finlay. Works on Paper, June Haiku

  • The Cass Sculpture Foundation. With Ken Grant. Commission for maquette, Concepts for New Sculpture, Chichester, Sussex. The Cup Is Full. Cast Bronze and enamel coating.

  • Armstrong Studio Trust  / Northern Arts Commission Big Yellow Insect Disc. Site specific artwork. Coated aluminium panel.

  • The Laing Art Gallery.  Low and Bas Relief reinterpretation for visual impairment of Sir Stanley Spencer's painting "The Lovers" . Cast stucco

  • The National Trust. Recreation of historic work in porcelain, Cragside, Northumberland

  • Newcastle City Council, Public Sculpture Commission. Newburn Countryside Park

  • Magga Bhavaka Trust and The English Sangha Trust. With Ken Grant. Works for Chithurst, Harnham and Amaravati Theravadin Buddhist monasteries

  • The Society of the Sacred Mission, Durham. With Ken Grant. Sculpture, furnishings and design. Architect Dr Sarah Menin.

Site Specific Commission

Guildford Place Memorial

A Memorial to the civilian air raid casualties of Guildford Place and Cheltenham Terrace Newcastle upon Tyne 25th April 1941.

Made using fragments  of domestic collections of fine glass and ceramics recovered during the making of a garden as tools and impressions.

Clay transferred to Crystacal Plaster.

Sited at  Armstrong Studio Trust. This work also references the lost classical sculpture collection belonging to the Banqueting Hall.

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