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My main practice is in sculpture and is studio based. I have extended this practice since 2003 to include kiln cast glass as a major component. Previous work includes public sculpture, exhibition, design and private commissions.

The scale of my work ranges from fully realised public sculpture through to the planktonic and minature. Some work is permanent and collectible, much is temporal and some has been lost or destroyed by the forces of life and society. 

Progress is normally directed by the material content and through adopting a process led approach in which context and content are interdependent. Materials include cast concrete aggregates ranging from fine marble and limestone to crushed brick, welded and fabricated steel, stainless steel, clay, stone and cast metals, particularly bronze.

I also use less orthodox and sometimes transient materials and processes where appropriate, particularly when working on more fragile environmental aspects. Of these, the most fragile are the biochar artworks.

  • Echo (Lost Landscapes) 

  • The Eildon Tree (Summer)

  • Sea Objects

  • Cloud 

  • Carter Bar Object

  • Sea Sculpture (from A Sea Tryptych)

  • Cry

  • Birdsong


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