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Changes in Environment, Landscape, Living Systems and Nature are central elements within my practice and understanding, often directly forming the source and starting point for new work.

​​​​​​Recent & Current works 

The Biochar Series of carbonised sculptural objects, an extended series of drawings exploring language and biodiversity, The Biosemiotic Drawings made from direct observations of birdsong and works concerned with ocean acidification, the fate of calcifying plankton and sound pollution.

Research projects in support of these themes has been carried out with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation,  the British Antarctic Survey and with Sail Britain in UK coastal waters, Cornwall and the Western Isles. 

 Anthropogenic Lochan, Scottish Borders.

 Symptomatic of environmental changes observed and experienced between 1985 - 2020  .

To the Blue Black Lemons of Anxiety.

Carbonised lemons, fresh lemon,

cafe style lemon basket.

AST Studio Garden.  Jesmond Dene

Cultural gardening.

Maintaining and growing of the multi use teaching, research and cultural space and habitat in  the Banqueting Hall's unfoofed section. 

When Summer is Coming, When Summer is Near  (detail)

​       Biocharred Heather, Biocharred Buttercup, Plastic Lemons

Early Contextual Practice


1999        Assistant to Dr Ian Hamilton Finlay, at the Stonypath Garden / “Little Sparta” Dunsyre,  Lanarkshire. Landscape work,

                 artwork  installation, gardening, and works on paper.

1995         The Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberdeenshire. Residency. Sculpture & Landscape.

1991         The Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberdeenshire. Residency. Stainless Steel sculpture.

1998/99   Earth Balance, Blyth, Environmental Visitor Centre. Consultancy and Designs.

1998         Blyth Power Station. Collaborative international arts development work with arts organisation Green Bridge / Zeleni 

                  Most, The British  Trust For Conservation Volunteers, Arts/Education/Conservation Trainees from Mostar, Bosnia.

1998         Cambois First School. Artist in Residence. Project work based on the Carbon Cycle, linked to Environmental artworks

                  and sculpture at  Blyth Power Station.  Funded by the Mid Northumberland Arts Group (MidNAG) 

1993         Pennywell Estate, Sunderland. Artist in Residence. Arts Resource.

1990         Mainland Orkney, Papa Westray. Cultural and contextual landscape research.

1984/85   Assistant to Ian Hamilton Finlay, Stonypath Garden, “Little Sparta” Dunsyre, Lanarkshire.

1984         Richard Demarco Gallery. Gallery assistant, Edinburgh College of Art exhibitions, installations and 12 day conference

                  Art and the  Human Environment.

ext (14).jpg

Biochar cone pit  experiments 2020

Carbon sequestration by the clean burning of organic waste material.

Blackcap Song patterns. From the Biosemiotic series

Silverpoint, graphite and carbon on BFK Rives 220 gsm

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