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Sail Britain. Artist residency.

Crew, Yacht Alcuin a 38 Westerly Oceanranger.

Crew,  Yacht Merlin. Sigma 41

Sailing, drawing and observational fieldwork research project relating to ocean literacy & conservation of the marine environment.

Recording Ocean acidification, Calcifying seaweed, Maerl, plankton, microplastics, soundscapes .....

2020 Lockdown Islands. Carved & polished stone.

JSG Fishing trawler ploughing off Eigg.J



2021 residency Cornwall

(2020 residency Cancelled)

2019 residency

​Circumnavigation of Skye, sailing from Mallaig

Small Isles - Eigg, Rum, Muck

Outer Hebrides - Shiant Isles, Lewis and Harris,

Stornoway to Ullapool crossing the Minch.

2018 residency

Mallaig to Skye and the Small Isles

Residency Outcomes

  • Exhibition The Fragile Ocean 2019

  • Sound and the Sea 2020

2018 Trawler Ploughing near Eigg. Pen & ink.

ext (10).jpg

Plankton and microplastics collecting

ext (12).jpg
ext (13).jpg
JSG Sailing pattern.JPG
JSG Wave patterns off Eigg.JPG


Plankton Patch  (detail)  Fired Porcelain and biochar                             

JSG Offshore line drawing.JPG
JSG Wave patterns off Skye.JPG
JSG Puffin notations, Shiant Isles # 1.J
JSG Puffin notations, Shiant Isles # 2.J

Sailing Sketchbook.  Recordings and notes


Tracking sea conditions through the drawing process

Sea swell recorded approaching anchorage, Skye.

Japanese pen on paper

ext (11).jpg
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