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Exhibition The Fragile Ocean

Sail Britain End of Season  Group Show, held at St Johns on Bethnal Green and Lumen Callery, London. November 2019.

Works shown, containing narratives of ocean acidification, sequestration, plastic pollution and climate anxiety, based on observations sailing in Scotland's Western Isles, Summer 2019.


  • Ocean Sentinel.

  • Tidal Bloom. Cast glass

  • When Summer is Coming, When Summer is Near. Plastic lemons, Amorphous Carbon - carbonised buttercups, heather and rockpool seaweeds, Netting, Coal, Card

  • The Shifting Western Dayshapes. Folded paper sailing dayshapes marked out with kelp charcoal, maerl (calcified seaweed), bivalve shells, two acrylic forms in the dimensions of Cubesats, netting, carbonised bladderwrack seaweed. 

  • To The Blue Black Lemons of Anxiety. Carbonised and fresh lemons in cafe basket

  • The Long Tide. Concertina sketchbooks, rockpool drawings, maerl (calcified seaweed), Lead Crystal, Carbonised seaweed


The Shifting Western Dayshapes

Encoded artwork -  Sailing Dayshapes for fishing,,,


Tidal Bloom Cast & polished glass referencing plastic pollution and jellyfish blooms, a sign of acidifying habitats.

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